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Welcome to Gospel Hall Audio


Welcome to GospelHallAudio.com 

This website has been developed to be a central host for audio messages recorded in New Testament Assemblies meeting in Gospel Halls throughout the English speaking world.

Our Mission

GospelHallAudio.com contains approved messages given by men whose teaching and gospel preaching is known to be trustworthy, reliable and in concert with the whole counsel of God and the teaching regarding the New Testament local church. It is the aim of GospelHallAudio.com to provide a wealth of teaching, gospel preaching and missionary reports for the building up of God's people throughout the English speaking world.All of the messages on this site are free of charge and are intended for the blessing and edification of God's people, the building up of assembly testimony and the salvation of souls.

We are looking for contributions

Do you own digital audio recordings meeting the criteria and theme of this site? We need your help. In order for GospelHallAudio.com to grow we are seeking out new messages on a day to day basis. Perhaps you look after the audio recording in the assembly in which you are in fellowship and want to make those recordings available to others. Perhaps you are looking for a stable hosting platform with sufficient bandwidth to host your collection of digital recordings. As an approved Publisher at GospelHallAudio.com you can upload messages to the site for others to enjoy. Contact us today if you are interested in becoming an approved Publisher.

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